Welcome to Parents' Nook

We are reimagining the neighborhood parenting community by connecting neighborhood physical spaces with parenting communities to foster meaningful diversity with a thriving local economy. We believe children are amazing and have so much to teach us about the magic of open-ended play. Care spaces for parents are a necessity, we all could benefit from local adults coming together to provide connection and growth opportunities for each other and our children in a multitude of forms. And we are connecting the dots through on-the-ground community experimentation based on individual community's needs. This is an open collaborative project.

We invite you to re-imagine neighborhood parenting with us!

Let's learn together.

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Check out our Starter Materials to start a Nook (Members Only)

PlayFacilitators(Starter Package)

Orientation material to re-resource ourselves as a Play Facilitator in a Nook care space

Hosting a Nook

Orientation materials on how we can host a Nook ourselves effectively

Blockchain Research

Research papers on how we are re-imagining Nooks as DAO's/Nodes in a Blockchain Network