Registration Details

Registration Details

Our Mission:

Families need open-ended childcare and accessible resources that are an integrated part of their community. We need environments where our kids can flourish. Parents are struggling to balance work and parenting. Basic human needs -- connection, security, community -- are going unmet. Through Nooks we are trying to create the change needed in our community to bring in open ended play spaces and care spaces for parents.

We have always believed that as much as we are participating together in cyberspace, we are often physically and emotionally isolated in physical space, particularly as parents. Thus, these spaces provide the benefits of a community work environment, where parents can sit with like-minded adults engaging in work while kids play open-ended in a facilitated play space under the guidance of the play facilitators in the community who are oriented by our Play team. By providing this connection, the neighborhood community becomes self-sufficient with their co-working/socializing and self-care needs, thus taking parent-care to a whole new level.

Our dream: We reimagine a world where Nooks collaborating with neighborhood public spaces may become a futuristic public good scenario, and support and regenerate the community care-economy in the process.

We are restarting the Nooks @Oakland Museum after a much needed break of 3 weeks. The Nooks will be happening on Wednesdays and Thursdays at Oakland Museum from 12 pm-4 pm. The Nooks start from 24th August. Details are there in our calendar . We request you to fill up the registration form if you are attending the Nook for the first time, those details help us in serving you better. If you have registered with us previously, then no need to re-do the registration, you may want to reserve/nook a nook.

Note: We are charging 15 hr/child as the childcare fees, siblings attend at half the rate.

What we are offering:

Quick Housekeeping Facts:

a)If you are using the cafe, we would request you to buy some items from them, it can be as little as coffee/tea.

b)We would also recommend that you get a membership that suits your needs from the museum. It gets you yearlong access to the museum, free access to the gallery along-with access to the Nooks.

You can buy the membership here

Note: We do understand if buying membership is not something you would like to do at the moment, we would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions in how best we can support you in such case.

Register here for the Oakland Nooks:

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We are re imagining neighborhood parenting community. We believe that children are amazing and open-ended Play is magic. And we are connecting the dots.