Introducing Nook Bubbles

Introducing Nook Bubbles

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Introducing Nook Bubbles (your little safe neighborhood micro community)

The first time I got to see the redwoods I was amazed. As the saying goes " redwoods do not survive alone…ever. They form “tribes” or communities. Sometimes they grow so close to each other they merge at the base into one tree. The first thing they provide each other is strength and support: intertwining roots. Not deep, but wide, living in an embrace of others."

We have always envisioned Nooks as neighborhood micro communities self sustainable in itself.

Thus when we started doing Nooks in neighborhoods, we greatly believed in the idea that each neighborhood and community can be self-sustainable in itself. Thus we started supporting stay at home, work from home, and parents having flexible work hours. We believed that if a space is safe enough and welcoming it can become a neighborhood Nook space. We believed in everything local. We started experimenting to figure out if it can be a possibility and the results were amazing.

Post 177 paid customers, revenue and a traction with partnerships and community, we are excited and confident about this local little self sustainable neighborhood micro-community  hubs, a happy space for parents and children until 7 yr.

And then the pandemic happened.

Fast forward, we see ourselves as those little micro communities which are like those redwood clusters. Self supporting in itself.

We are delighted to introduce to you all “Nook Bubbles”, the neighborhood self sustainable micro-community. These Bubbles are the combination of two or a few isolated households, making one larger isolated unit. Essentially, it’s a slight expansion of one’s quarantined family.  We believe that a few social bubbles could conceivably slow outbreaks of Covid-19. It’s one of our many efforts to provide Nook families with some healthy interaction with their buddies or geographical neighbors. Somehow this also fits into the core Nook philosophy of making each neighborhood micro-community self-sufficient. (the Recreation of neighborhood communities where individual trust plays a crucial role.) Supporting small businesses, caregivers and the community together has always been the core mission for us.

We believe that this strategy will rely on less confinement and allow strategic social contact while still flattening the curve. Our approach balances public health concerns with social, psychological, and economic needs for interpersonal interaction. This in the long term, this might help to strengthen interactions within communities that are missing in our society.

Moreover, we also have realized after having conversations with educators that children need to Play even during pandemic and yes social interaction with their friends is an important aspect in child development terminology. I have a 6 yr old myself and I know what this means.

And our duty as parents is to provide them a safe space to play. The Bubbles will thus be a safe play space for children.  Play matters even during the time of pandemic yes.

We have discussed this a lot, but in the words of Dr Stuart Brown “ Childhood play rather than being peripheral or optional is central to an individual’s healthy development. Play is as important to life as id sleeping and dreaming.”

We have many more things to share. Stay tuned. We are rolling this out to a few families who were using Nooks earlier.

On my next post we will discuss how we are introducing the Bubbles to families, who all can enroll in the first phase of launch and what will be the expectations.‌ ‌‌


I am a mom living in the SF Bay Area and have been working full time on the project Parents' Nook now as a co-creator and researcher connecting its social and economic aspects to technology.‌ ‌‌