Newsletter Digest for our newly subscribed members:

Newsletter Digest for our newly subscribed members:


“There can be no keener revelation of society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children”.  Nelson Mandela.

Welcome to the Bi-Monthly Newsletter from Parents’ Nook. This space we are creating is a space of reflection and action. We are trying to create care-spaces for families based on the local parenting community’s needs and thus creating a local economy thriving through the public goods phenomenon. So we encourage you to participate. We believe that on-the-ground community experimentation will provide us the inspiration and guidance needed for taking the project ahead as per individual community’s needs. Our aim is to build complex adaptive systems for parenting communities attuned to the needs of the people and little humans participating in it.

Our dream: We reimagine a world where Nooks collaborating with neighborhood public spaces may become a futuristic public good scenario, and support and regenerate the community care-economy in the process.

Nook setup from last week @OMCA

Thanks so much for subscribing to the newsletter and your interest to learn more about Nooks. We are glad that you are here and we would love learn more about your needs and how we might be able to help each other in the parenting journey.

We would love do a little housekeeping in this tiny newsletter that came out of need as we have seen many of you subscribing to our newsletter/joining our closed group in FB and many of your interest in knowing more about the Nook ecosystem.

We have re-started doing Nooks post pandemic twice a week @Oakland Museum on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12-4 pm. More details here:

Registration Details
Our Mission: Families need open-ended childcare and accessible resources that are an integrated part of their community. We need environments where our kids can flourish. Parents are struggling to balance work and parenting. Basic human needs -- connection, security, community -- are going unmet. Th…

Nooks are for children in the age range 6 months to 5 yrs.

If you are planning on attending a Nook, we would request that you fill up the registration form at least 24 hr in advance, it helps us to be aware and being prepared. The ideal play facilitator: child ratio is 4: 1 and if there is a need for the very little ones (6mo-15mo) we do 1:1 care. So registration is always encouraged well in advance.

Play is all about the environment. Making the child feel comfortable and well nurtured and safe so that he/she dives into play is something we work on in the initial days. Comfort and safety comes into priority while designing the play space. Play and playfulness in the environment are what we strive for. So may be getting used to a Nook environment will take a few days for children. Once you register to participate in a Nook, we will send you a welcome package created by our Play Team over time. It contains write ups about our philosophy, mission and how caregivers and parents might be able to work together to create an ideal environment for a child in a Nook.

And for parents who are planning on participating soon, here is a message from our Play team:

Just so you know, change of clothes, layers, sunscreen, water bottles with names on it is always recommended for a child to attend a Nook. There is a waiver you can sign it at a time of your convenience.
Lastly to quote our Play Director  "A few important notes to consider: how to better prepare your child for a Nook event? For children to be able to engage deeply in play and be social, they need to have their basic needs met. This means that they need to be rested and well-fed. If possible, please remember that is best if before the event begins your child uses the bathroom and has a diaper change (if needed). In the case of attending an outdoor Nook, please bring a change of clothes (in case).  "
For children to be able to engage deeply in play and be social, they need to have their basic needs met. This means that they need to be rested and well fed. Please make sure your child has a good amount of rest the night before, or for the little ones, to have their morning nap before the event. Also, ensure that they have a good breakfast or snack before the event. This will allow them to fully experience their play and interact well with their new friends.
Talking about what to expect when having a new adventure helps children to transition easier, at every age, even infants. Talk to your child about what to expect, yes! even to your infant!- Mention meeting new friends and that they will have fun playing but know that Mama is nearby. Also, tell them the names of the Play Facilitators."

We would love to keep this email short. We look forward to meeting a few of you.

We are hosting a monthly community community call from this Friday onwards, more details here:

Lastly ending today's note with a quote we deeply believe:

“If a community values its children, it must cherish their parents” John Bowlby.

Who are we: We are a network of parents, educators, play advocates, space collaborators, technologists, researchers, community organizers, and artists trying to create the world we believe in. We believe these care spaces are essential to the survival and well being of parents and children.These micro communities would enable each community to design the circles in their own way overarching with our common set of beliefs. This would generate local coordination, trust and employment in the local community.Through this model we are remixing historical Cooperative Organization models with decentralized Web3 needs.

If our work and research work interests you we would love to hear from you. Any feedback/suggestions are very much appreciated as we build together. Reach out to us

With warm regards


Parents' Nook Community


I am a mom living in the SF Bay Area and have been working full time on the project Parents' Nook now as a co-creator and researcher connecting its social and economic aspects to technology.