Parents' Nook @OMCA

Parents' Nook @OMCA

It will be a weekly offering starting from March 8th from 1 pm onwards.

After two years of pivoting, we are launching the Nooks @Oakland Museum. We express gratitude to all those who helped us bring our vision to life, including the participating parents, the play facilitators who believed in us, and the Museum itself.

It will be a weekly offering starting from March 8th from 1 pm onwards. We request that you fill out the registration form if you are attending the Nook. Those details will help us serve you better.

Note: We are offering a package of 45 USD for 4 hours for Nooks. Siblings attend at half the rate. Spots are limited.

What we are offering:

  • Community co-working spaces from the Museum’s Town Fare Cafe or on their terrace.
  • Access to Nook facilitated play space with local facilitators oriented by our Play Team.
  • Shared Phone/Meeting Space
  • Fast internet
  • Mothers’ Corner designed by Parents' Nook in collaboration with Town Fare Cafe.
  • Your very own parent community to co-work with who are all-purpose aligned.
  • Access to a clean bathroom/changing station.
  • Your very own local online community of parents, educators, and space collaborators to co-inspire and talk about everything parenting.

We will also be introducing a rhythm in the Nooks @OMCA. Each Nook is different and this is designed by the experienced play facilitators who would be facilitating the nooks.

  • Music Circle by Clare
  • Introduction to various Play Stations
  • Walk to the Museum.
  • Snack Time
  • Gardening (On certain weeks)
  • Bubbles
  • Arts and Crafts

We are ending the day with a Good Bye Circle.

Quick Housekeeping Facts:

a) If you are using the café, we would request that you buy some items from them. It can be as little as coffee or tea.

We would also recommend that you get a membership that suits your needs from the museum. It will grant you year-long access to the museum, free access to the gallery, and access to the Nooks.

We are considering a combination of indoor and outdoor locations for hosting Nooks to ensure a reliable experience in any weather condition. This change is meant to improve flexibility and the overall experience for families.

We value your thoughts on this approach, so please share any insights you have. To enhance the children's experience, we plan to establish a routine that involves walking to the museum play space. We will provide more information about this to help establish a consistent rhythm. This routine will include approximately 40 minutes of indoor play time and will aim to strike a balance between indoor and outdoor activities.

To streamline communication and reduce noise, we have decided to activate feedback groups exclusively for parents who register for Nooks. Participation in these groups will be by invitation only after you have registered to attend a Nook. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to the OMCA Nook.

To learn more about us, you may visit the below links:

Nook footage from one of our SF locations, 2019